Unconditional Business

Businesses are an extension of ourselves and is a conduit to materialize our contributions to society.  Our current system is inundated with contracts, conditions, insurance, and a myriad of other complex, man-made mechanisms.  What these mechanisms are basically saying is, “I don’t know you, and I don’t trust you.” Or in a less extreme voice, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I care about me more than I care about you, so if things go south, sorry.”  Inherent in the first statement is an underlying fear and distrust of the person sitting on the opposite side of the table.  The second statement has embedded into it lack – a lack of abundance and a lack of care, where success and compassion is a finite commodity.  Even before anyone has discussed an idea or has even met each other, the energy of lack, fear, and distrust has already been programmed into the foundation of a potential endeavor.

In laying the groundwork for this site, you will find no terms, conditions, or contracts, either online or offline.  The fill-in forms that you submit are not mean to be contracts, but are rather tools for me to get to know you a bit better.  The only semblance of legalese that exists are those that are absolutely necessary to run a website.  On this site you will find a page on our Privacy Policy and a page on Disclosure Compliance, which are mandated by US law.  All that is needed is our commitment to co-create.  We commit to a co-creation the moment we jointly agree to work together based on the energy of trust, abundance, and unconditional love.  I intend and am committed to working with those who are ready to drop all conditions and societally-created safety nets that are based on the model of fear, lack, and distrust.  We instead embark on endeavors that are based on trust, abundance, and love.

This unconditional business model is based on energetic resonance and Universal law.  With any co-creation embarked upon, we know that we are each responsible for our own energy and creation, that all experiences are designed to assist us on our journey and in our growth.  When we are triggered, we recognize this as a sign that our system has indicated in order to point to where we still have an imbalance.  We take responsibility for our own feelings and accept them in order to shift them.  With these energies, we value all that is and see the purpose in each and every experience.

Any co-creation embarked upon will be for the highest good on all levels of self within the context of our now.  This puts money into a different perspective, where making money is not the primary reason for co-creating – our highest contribution to society through our joint endeavor is.  Money is merely a physical manifestation of the Universal flow of these energies.

An unconditional business is automatically in balance, as it is a co-creation of beings who are aware of Universal laws, the process of creation, evolution, and who take responsibility for their own energetic contributions to the joint creation.  It is therefore of importance to have an aligned intention and commitment prior to entering into the manifestation phase.  This includes the commitment to be very honest and communicate when something feels out of alignment with our essence.  Expressing our authenticity is an essential aspect of a successful co-creation.  By consciously coding these energies as seeds into the foundation of our endeavors, as it germinates, we, and the rest of the Universe reap the benefits of every reverberation.