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Brain training with Dr. Lana Bach-Morrow | THINK Interfaces

Dr. Lana Bach-Morrow is a brilliant, award-winning, internationally acclaimed neuroscientist, and has created a patented, non-invasive system that trains brains to be super brains.  It’s a form of Jedi training, really.  The user is first fitted with a headband with sensors that picks up the brain’s EEG waves and then plays a computer game, where all movements are made via thought.  The sensors transfers the thought to the computer program and it registers the movements instantaneously.  A byproduct of this brain training is the production of dopamine, which is one of the four chemicals that is responsible for creating a state of bliss in the human physiology.  This system was originally created for ADHD patients, but has shown to be impactful across a whole host of applications.  It’s your brain, just faster and pumping a ton of dopamine.  From my personal experience of having trained with the THINK system, I’ve experienced more mental clarity, hyper-precise focus, and a general feeling heightened connectedness.


Essential Oils sourced by Somah Devi Ma | Savitur Botanicals

Somah and I met on an epic two-week motorcycle journey up the Himalayas to the highest motorable pass in the world.  We had an instant connection from the moment we met.  She oozed a timeless beauty, had a palpably vivacious spirit, and a tremendously open heart.  I found out that, not only is she a dedicated meditator and amazing yoga teacher, she also owns her own essential oils company.  Somah created her company in order to bring to market the best and purest oils in the world.  They are all organic and/or wildcrafted and are sourced from all corners of the world, including India, Bulgaria, Somalia, Australia, Belgium, etc.  In order to pass her rigorous standards in bringing an oil into her line, she visits each farm/distillery, meets the owners, and familiarizes herself with all aspects of the sourcing and distillation process.  Only when all of her standards are met and she gets a sense of the ethical compass and consciousness of the owners does she deem that it is the best oil in all respects, and that she needs to share it with all of us.  If you shop and place an order using this link, a 15% discount will automatically be applied to your order.  Note: If the 15% discount doesn’t reflect in your cart, enter KATHY15 into the coupon field.  This code cannot be used on pre-packaged discounted bundles, such as Savitur EZ kits or bulk products.

My favorite oil at the moment: Frankincense “Heart Note” — SO delicious smelling, and makes me feel warm and cozy for the wintertime.



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