Advanced Training


Also known as industrial-strength meditation, Rounding is a powerful advanced meditation practice that expedites the release of deeply-rooted stress in the physiology.  This practice combines a specific sequence of yoga poses (asana) + pranayama (balancing breath) + meditation + deep rest.

Primary Benefits:  Expedites the process of stress release, stabilizes the nervous system, balances both hemispheres of the brain

Prerequisite: 4-Day Vedic Meditation Course

Exchange: $108

Duration: 2 hours

Includes:  Comprehensive instruction, hand-out notes, knowledge session, and take-home program


Exploring The Veda with Thom Knoles

The Veda is a vast body of knowledge that is the source of the arts and sciences of Ayurveda medicine, yoga, meditation, and the whole of Indian philosophy.  Knowledge of the Veda is said to confer mastery of the laws of nature, because the Veda is structured as universal knowledge available within everyone’s consciousness — it is the blueprint of creation.

Exploring the Veda (ETV) is a series of six recorded seminars of advanced knowledge by my teacher, preeminent master-teacher, Thom Knoles.  Thom is recognized as one of the world’s foremost teachers of the Veda’s true meaning and application.  He delves into the Veda and draws out pearls of wisdom that are nothing short of life-changing.  

The Course Format:  Taught over the course of a weekend in a non-residential, semi-retreat format, the ETV series is taken one at a time, in sequential order as the knowledge builds upon the previous installment’s.  Taking the course via the in-person, retreat format is preferable, though home study can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Primary Benefits:   Expansion of consciousness in which the software (knowledge) upgrades the hardware (physiology), techniques to correct the mistakes of mind and heart, knowledge of how to integrate Vedic wisdom into daily life

Prerequisite:  4-Day Vedic Meditation Course + Rounding instruction

Exchange:  $600 per installment (reduced rate available if you register for all 6 installments in advance)

Duration:  Each installment runs over the course of a full weekend, from Friday to Sunday

Includes:  Advanced knowledge as taught by Thom Knoles via recorded seminar, in-depth Q&A sessions with Kathy, comprehensive notes, techniques for deepening meditation practice, special rounding program instructions, meals and snacks


Advanced Mantra

If you have practiced consistently for at least 12 months, you are invited to obtain an Advanced Mantra.  An Advanced Mantra is designed to take your awareness to that stratum, that layer of consciousness that comprises the interface between thinking and pure silent consciousness, allowing you to integrate that elusive, deeply charming state that we slip into in our deepest meditations, into every moment of your awakened state.  A good example of how and Advanced Technique supports you in your evolution is a car shifting from a low gear to a higher gear to gain speed.  We can get where we need to go in first gear, but it will take much longer than if we shifted to a higher gear.

An Advanced Mantra may involve learning a variation or elongation of your existing mantra, or it may involve learning an advanced method of using the mantra that you have already received.  It is customized for each meditator based on their needs and state of consciousness.  If you wish to take your practice deeper, it is recommended that you learn an Advanced Mantra every 12 months.

Primary Benefits:  Ability to experience the deeper, more subtle states of consciousness within and outside of your practice

Prerequisites:  4-Day Vedic Meditation Course + at least 1 year of regular practice

Exchange:  $450 per Advanced Mantra


  • Day 1: Receive your Advanced Mantra + personalized instruction + knowledge of the effects and benefits (1.5 hours)
  • Day 2: Follow-up session to check / refine your usage of the mantra (30 minutes)