Dear You, Love Me

Dear You, who happened across this page,

In launching this website, I foremost wanted to create a space where you are inspired by every sentence that you read and with every click that you make.

I hope that you see the grand potential that lies within you, that the world is merely an extension of you, and that you are uniquely you and divine, exactly as you are.

I hope that you recognize your gifts, and are fearless in showing them to the world.

I hope that you find morsels of your truth, and are unapologetic about speaking it with conviction.

I hope that you pay no mind to what society tells you that you should do, that there are no right answers or set timelines, and that you are and will always be the master of your own destiny.

I hope that in your journey, you feel loved and supported through all the tides of your evolution.

I hope that you recognize your own beauty, at all depths and facets, and in turn see the beauty that surrounds you.

I hope for you to have hope, and to never let that light inside of you dim for too long, because the world needs it ever so much more.

I hope that in reading anything that I write, you will take what resonates and leave all the rest.

And lastly, I hope for you to be.  To simply be.


3 thoughts on “Dear You, Love Me

  1. Beautiful message Kathy! I want to wish you the best with your website. I am also launching a website kind of in the same realm. It is It is a place people can post their sacred place of meditation and get ideas if the want to make a special place. Sending you blessings and the best of luck on your new website. ?❤️?

    1. This looks like a great mission and I fully support you! Many blessings to you and this endeavor, my Sattva Moto brother.

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