About Me

Hello, welcome to my internet home!  I’m Kathy, a meditation teacher and writer.  I wasn’t always a meditation teacher and writer, though.  I used to work at a large advertising agency in NYC, crafting global advertising plans for a major consumer technology company.  It was a pretty great job – cushy salary and benefits, amazing bosses, fairly stimulating work, and free food (this was very important).  I had all of the luxuries and comforts that anyone would be grateful for.  However, despite all of this, something was amiss.  Everything seemed perfect, but I knew that what I was doing every day didn’t resonate with the core of my being, and that the answer didn’t lie in acquiring or accomplishing more of what I already had.  Things weren’t bad enough until this critical period when I started to notice a specific pattern of suffering in which I would continually find myself.  I started to meditate, and that’s when everything changed.  I eventually quit my corporate job in order to live and train in an ashram in the Himalayas of northern India.

I am now based in NYC and teach Vedic Meditation while consulting, writing, and practicing calligraphy.  I created this website to tell my story, to capture and reflect the truth of my whole experience throughout this beautiful, wild journey.  I look forward to connecting, sharing, and co-creating with you along the way.